Moncks Corner, Berkeley County, and Charleston, South Carolina

Berkeley County, South Carolina is growing rapidly for plenty reasons, and not just because it’s a comfortable and all-American place to call home. In the last few years there has been a large amount of investment in the communities, especially around Moncks Corner and the Charleston area. This development is helping the communities thrive and create new jobs and opportunities for locals.


For example, the car company Volvo just finished building their first American-based vehicle manufacturing plant here - Fortune reported that Volvo created 2,000 new jobs in the area for the factory. In addition to this, the nearby Navy Weapons station and the military base, as well as other major factories and companies operating in the area, have helped to bolster this area.

New Construction and Real Estate

As mentioned previously, the car manufacturing giant Volvo constructed a huge plant in Berkeley county in 2018, giving a huge boost to manufacturing job availability for cities in the area.


In addition to this, new businesses and homes have been built more rapidly to accommodate the incoming population. Charleston saw a nearly two-percent increase in population in the last year, while Berkeley County as a whole saw about a three-percent increase in population - huge increases over previous years, and mostly attributable to the recent boost in the local economy.


Housing prices increased about $5,000 on average in the last year, with about 1,000 new houses being constructed in the last year in the county.

Local Economy

Income averages have increased as well alongside this increased demand for housing, and quite significantly. Last year, the average income for a person living in Berkeley County was $52,506. This year, it is about $54,484.


In Moncks Corner, the average income was $42,000, while in Summerville and Hanahan, these figures were at about $62,000 and $84,000 respectively.


The most popular jobs in the county are related to management, business and financial operations, administrative work and sales, and food service. This is about normal for any county, but some other slightly more specialized job markets have been steadily gaining traction and growing in the last few years too.


Architecture and engineering jobs have been steadily rising in recent years, from 2.3% to 2.7% of the total job share. Construction jobs and installation and maintenance jobs have risen too, gaining about .5% of the job share each in the last year.


Employment as a whole is booming. In the last year, about 1,500 jobs were added to the local economy, more than a 5% increase in employment, for a total of about 84,500 employees in the county.

Reasons to Love Berkeley County

Berkeley County, South Carolina is a surprisingly intriguing and interesting place to live. While you may at first think that you know what to expect from the average American city, there is a lot more to love here than you at first realize.


There is, for example, an active Roman Catholic Trappist monastery that has been operating since the late 1940’s in the grounds of a locally historic plantation. The monastery is open for tours of its grounds, which is also home to a county museum with artefacts dating back up to 12,000 years.


There are intricate and beautiful gardens spread throughout the county, such as Cypress Gardens. Here you can rent boats to take you around the gardens and swampy marshland of this natural area, witnessing indigenous and rare fauna as well as animals of the swamp - watch out for alligators! It is also home to a butterfly garden and a museum of swamp animals and swamp life, which is always rotating exhibits and attractions.


Aside from these two attractions (out of the many more out there), Berkeley County is a great place to set roots and create a place for yourself in the local community. With the local economy, wealth, and investment in the people of the county, it is sure to only continue to grow rapidly.