With a population of just 3,000, Wadmalaw Island, SC is one of Charleston's best kept secrets. It's one of three islands that surround John's Island, along with Seabrook and Kiawah.

Wadmalaw Island Features

The island is 10 miles long and 5 miles wide. Population density is low, which means plenty of privacy for your ocean oasis.

Wadmalaw Island has traditionally been an agricultural island. Covered with vineyards, hundred-year-old oak trees and lots of dirt roads, the charm of the island will steal anyone’s heart. There are also special estate homes located on the water (mostly hidden from roads).

Natural Beauty

There are many large old plantations on the island. Many of them have conservation easements, which means that their natural beauty will go unspoiled for generations to come.

You'll see some gorgeous water views across the Bohicket, North Edisto and Stono rivers.


On Wadmalaw Island, SC there's an abundance of both animal and insect life.

Animal life includes:

·       several species of birds

·       deer

·       fox

·       bobcats

·       white squirrels

·       turkey flocks

At nightime, fireflies and crickets will liven up the night while you listen to the region's most popular music in your private oasis.

Things To Do On Wadmalaw Island, SC

With all of the wildlife on Wadmalaw Island, it makes sense that outdoor activities are especially popular. Hunters, fishers, and crabbers will feel right at home here.

People who love boating will also love Wadmalaw Island for its proximity to ocean harbors. The intra-coastal waterway, as well as numerous rivers and tidal creeks, surround the island. There are plenty of waterways to explore via canoe or kayak. This way you can see the coastal landscape up close.

So besides hunting and boating, what are some other things to do on Wadmalaw Island, SC? The list is endless, but we suggest you start by visiting the famous landmarks on the island.

Charleston Tea Plantation

This is the only working tea plantation in the entire US. It’s very large, stretching across 127 acres and it produces both black and green teas. It also grows 320 varieties of Camellia Sinesnsis tea plants. While touring the factory there you can also learn about:

·       tea harvesting

·       processing

·       packaging

The factory is open 7 days a week with the exception of some holidays. It offers free tours, as well as a trolley across the grounds for a small fee.

Firefly Distillery

This is South Carolina's largest distillery and is a must-see for all South Carolina residents. Firefly Distillery takes credit for being the creators of the original sweet tea vodka. The close proximity to the tea plantation next door, allows them to create multiple different types of vodkas, the include delectable flavors like: mint

·       raspberry

·       lemon

·       peach

They also produce sweet tea bourbon using the following ingredients:

·       sugar cane from Louisiana

·       4 year old tea from Kentucky

·       tea from South Carolina

If the above reasons aren’t enough, the Firefly Distillery is a great place to spend a Saturday afternoon for the regional indie music that’s often heard across the property. The grounds are home to a one of a kind outdoor recording venue. And yes, accommodations are available.

They also have a tasting room that's open to the public Wednesday through Saturday, with an invitation to listen to storytelling too.

Deep Water Vineyard

Deep Water Vineyard is the only domestic winery in Charleston. Formerly known as Irvin House Vineyards, the property sold to the Freiwald family in 2016. This said, the company continues all the original attractions. Spread over 48 acres, the grapes are grown and harvested right on the property and if that’s not enough, the wine is also made and bottled there. The wines are hand made from the Southern Muscadine grape.

The Deep Water Vineyard has managed to create 5 different varieties of wine and their tasting room gives you access to all the varieties as well as a free glass to take home.

There's also a free winery tour every Saturday afternoon. During the warmer months, they host "Weekend Wine Downs" that have live music and food for the entire family.

Ambrose Family Farm

This farm is open to the public for a you-pick experience from around April to June. The order of crops arriving throughout the season, from first to last, is usually:

1.     strawberries

2.     blackberries

3.     tomatoes

4.     blueberries

The on site Stono Market sells Ambrose Farm's grown vegetables throughout the year.

Family Life On Wadmalaw Island, SC

If you're thinking about raising a family on Wadmalaw Island, you'll be making an excellent choice. The island is beautiful and safe.

However, nowhere is perfect in every aspect for raising a family, and the same applies to Wadmalaw Island, SC.

When it comes to schooling choice for kids, there are many options near Wadmalaw Island including a few to send your children to private schools. The Charleston County School District serves the area and is rating highly among other districts in South Carolina. With top colleges nearby, like Clemson University, College of Charleston and the University of South Carolina, the opportunities for growth are huge.

There are many families on the island, which makes activities for the whole family very accessible. The variety of things to do will allow parents to have a night out, or the whole family to spend a weekend together.

Once you've had your fill of wine, tea, nature and secluded serenity, you might want to head to the lively city on the weekend. Luckily, Charleston is not too far away and getting there usually only takes about 20 minutes. The quick drive allows residents of Wadmalaw Island easy access to the city’s great eats, entertainment and shopping. Make a day trip out of the drive and venture deeper into the city. The Downtown Charleston area is known for its historic charm. Often known as “The Peninsula,” this downtown hot spot appeals to everyone. The list of activities and restaurants is endless and you’re sure to find a hidden gem around every corner.